Notes from the Field:

Critical Teacher Inquiry: Examining Classroom Practices through the Lens of Social Justice
"Notes from the Field" are special issues of Educational Insights which publish peer-reviewed teacher inquiry research undertaken by Master's students.
Lynn Fels, Simon Fraser University
Critical Teacher Inquiry:
Examining Classroom Practices through the Lens of Social Justice

Gabriella Minnes Brandes, Vancouver, BC
Deirdre M. Kelly, University of British Columbia
Cover Art
photo by Maria Enns
Multilingual Students in Monolingual Schools: Enhancing the Status of ESL Students
Chris Castellarin, Vancouver, BC
Tolerance and Diversity in the ESL Classroom
Sean Lenihan and Troy Cunningham, Port Moody Secondary, BC

Developing a More Caring Classroom: Teaching Empathy Through Perspective-Taking Strategies
Kirk Deutschmann and Bhashy Pather, Coquitlam School District, BC

Brick by Brick: Building Democratic Citizenship in the Built Environment
Colleen McDaniel and Erin Partridge, Vancouver School District, BC
Bringing Assessment back into the Classroom: Can Using Peer and Self-Assessment Increase Student Motivation in Science 10?
Joni Tsui, Port Moody School District, BC
Refocusing our efforts: A shift from grading to an emphasis on learning
John Sarte and Sherri Hughes, Vancouver School District, BC
Student choice and assessment in French 10
Melody Ferrer, School District 43, BC
Web-Based Learning Management Systems: Student Perceptions and Participation
Harry Yuen, Vancouver School District, BC
“Today I Had Fun!” Playing Outside A Box Inside A Role Drama
Scott Hughes, Faculty of Education, Queen's University

Special Issue Editors: Gabriella Minnes Brandes and Deirdre M. Kelly

Academic Editor: Lynn Fels, Simon Fraser University

Managing Editor: Michael Boyce

Animation designed by Marshall Fels Elliott

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