Poetic Inquiry
Poetic Inquiry as Singular Reason:
Queer<y>ing Measurement In Virtue of the Lesbian Rule

Mary Bryson, University of British Columbia
Monica Prendergast, Lesley University, Cambridge MA
Poetic Inquiry Is ... 29 Ways of Looking at Poetry as Qualitative Research
Monica Prendergast, Lesley University, Cambridge MA
Cover Art
photo by Alexandra Fidyk

Research/Poetry- Exploring Poet’s Conceptualizations of Craft, Practice, and Good and Effective Poetry
Sandra Faulkner, Bowling Green State University

Mind the Gap: Outrageous Acts of Political Solidarity
Lynn Fels, Simon Fraser University
Addressing Silence & the Sea: Poetic Musings with Pablo Neruda
Alexandra Fidyk, National-Louis University, Chicago, IL
One More Time
Cynthia Morawski, University of Ottawa
Only Through Poetry
Renee Norman, University College of the Fraser Valley
Poem-On Truth
Joe Norris, St. Francis Xavier University
All Children Includes the Talented
Jane Piirto, Ashland University, Ashland, OH
Cat got your tongue? Escaping narrative erasure in academe
Alison Pryer, University of British Columbia
Kadi Purru, MAIS, Athabasca University
Milltown: Teacher and Student Auto/biographical Poetic Word Portraits
David Raju, University of Victoria
'A heartbreaking work of staggering (musical) genius'- Imagining Glenn Gould
Pamela Richardson, University of British Columbia
Writing the 4 bus: A poetic inquiry
Ahava Shira, University of British Columbia
How I want to keep saying it
Sheila Stewart, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
Dark roots and murmurings
Dalene Swanson, University of Alberta
Selections of Poetry- Exploring the Underbelly of the Hegemony with Poetry
Hilary Tellesen, Chico State University of California
Two poems: running with the moment and Cement Boots
Nicole Thibault, Simon Fraser University
Nissopoesis: Waiting in Waves of the Sonorous and Silent
Suzanne Thomas, University of Prince Edward Island

Special Issue Editors:
Monica Prendergast, Lesley University, Cambridge MA
Carl Leggo, University of British Columbia BC
Pauline Sameshima, Washington State University, Pullman WA

Academic Editor: Lynn Fels

Managing Editor: Michael Boyce

Animation designed by Marshall Fels Elliott

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