Performing Repair
Adventures in Deconstruction
Mary Bryson, Director, Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education, University of British Columbia
Cover Art
from Quite a Crowd – video by 1+1+1 Collective

Marla Buchanan, Marvin Westwood, University of British Columbia
Richard Harrison, Vancouver

Labyrinths as Ritual Art: A Pedagogy of Inquiry/Witnessing/Listening to the Sacred
Barbara Bickel, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
Nané Ariadne Jordan, University of British Columbia
Shaking the Belly: Laughter as ‘Good Medicine’ in Anti-Oppressive Work
Shauna Butterwick, University of British Columbia
Jan Selman, University of Alberta
Quite a Crowd
The 1+1+1 Collective: Miriam Cooley, University of Alberta; Michelle Forrest, Mount St. Vincent University; Linda Wheeldon Acadia University
Tales from the Dinner Table: De/Re-constructing and Thickening a Shared Cover Story
Alison Crump, McGill University

From Performing Repair to Performing Reverence
Monique Giard, Vancouver, British Columbia

The Gnosis of Artmaking and Teaching: Painting the Blue Medicine Buddha
Sally Gradle, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
Per-/Trans-/Forming Transnationality
Hiroko Hara, University of British Columbia

Ruth Means Sorrow: Performing Repair Through Video Diary
Richard Harrison, University of British Columbia

Trauma and the Vicarious Witness: Constructing Wholeness through a Shared Performance
Patrice A. Keats, Simon Fraser University
Crystal Diagnosis: Youth Re/Paring a Story of Addiction as Repair
Steven Noble, University of Ottawa
The Veterans’ Transition Program — Therapeutic Enactment in Action
Marvin Westwood, University of British Columbia
River Bed
Kevin Kirkland, Vancouver, British Columbia
 Art Seen
Travelling: A Photobased Exhibition
Pam Patterson, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
curated by Miklos Legrady and curator welcome by Barbara Bickel
Special Issue Editors: Marla Buchanan and Marvin Westwood

Academic Editor: Lynn Fels

Animation designed by Marshall Fels Elliott

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