Lynn Fels
Faculty of Education
Simon Fraser University

Lynn Fels is Assistant Professor in Arts Education at Simon Fraser University. Lynn is the Academic Editor of Educational Insights. Her research interests are in performative inquiry, arts education, performative writing, teacher education, and curriculum design. Specifically, she is interested in exploring issues of leadership, learning through the arts across the curriculum, arts for social change, and the exploratory spaces that emerge through performance. Key publications include:

    Fels, L. and Beliveau, G. (2008). Exploring curriculum: Performative inquiry, role drama and learning. Vancouver, BC: Pacific Education Press.

    Fels, L. (2004). Complexity, Teacher Education and the Restless Jury: Pedagogical Moments of Performance Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education. 1(1), 73–98.

    Fels, L. (2003). Performance, Place & Possibility: Curricular Landscapes, Curricular Songs. In Wanda Hrren, & Erika Hasebe-Ludt (eds.), Curriculum Intertext: Place/Language/Pedagogy. Peter Lang.

    Fels, L. (2002). Spinning Straw into Gold: Curriculum, Performative Literacy and Student Empowerment. English Quarterly.

    Fels, L. & McGivern, L. (2002).
    Intertextual Play through Performative Inquiry: Intercultural Recognitions. In G. Braeurer (ed.), Body and language: Intercultural learning through drama. Greenwood Academic Press.

    Fels, L. (1998).
    In the Wind, Clothes Dance on a Line. JCT: Journal of Curriculum Theory. 14(1), 27-36.




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