Jacqui Gingras

School of Nutrition
Ryerson University
Toronto, Ont.

Jacqui Gingras, is an Assistant Professor at Ryerson University’s School of Nutrition in Toronto. Her current preoccupations involve theoretical and experiential explorations of health epistemology and what “counts” as knowledge in food and nutrition practice. She has a particular interest in how food and nutrition knowledge is constituted, legitimized, and communicated through power and discourse in anticipation of individual/population behaviour change. Her doctoral research, a reflexive autoethnographic fiction on how dietetic subjectivity, performativity, and curricula shape a collective understanding of food, weight, and health, was awarded the 2006 Ted Aoki Prize for Outstanding Dissertation in Curriculum Studies. Her research engages autoethnographic, phenomenological, and arts-informed movements as a means for situated and particular understandings of dietetic theory, education, and practice.


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