Renée M. Fountain
Laval University
Québec City, QC

My research interests are in politicizing and complexifying: 1) open-source alternatives for international education (to resist augmenting the digital divide); 2) critical and creative engagement with sociotechnoscientific controversies (via Actor Network Theory, Foucault's normalization and Deleuze's rhizome); and 3) performativities of citizenship (in light of increasing neoliberalist strongholds).

I presently work in Gabon and Morocco (Africa) and eventually hope to work in Sri Lanka, India and Vietnam. My specific interests in these countries are feminist-based (enabling women) and technology-oriented (implementing Linux operating systems, particularly in outlying areas).


I am presently undertaking a book as co-editor with Michael Flower to re-verbalize Actor Network Theory in Education (Peter Lang). Several recent articles pertain to the implementation of Linux in both Gabon, Africa (at the École Normale Supérieur) and in a secondary biology classroom here in Québec City.

At Educational Insights I founded Diary, a site for reflections on "how are you living hope?" (a different kind of article, interactive in nature although limited in time) and edited an issue on Autobiography (Récits de vie) of innovative work done in this area by both masters and doctoral students of Jacques Daignault. (See Trouver l’équilibre herméneutique—Finding hermeneutical balance, v09n02 in Archives.)

In terms of service:

I am currently vice-president of CACS at CSSE and one of two webmasters for IAACS (International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies: The site (initiated by Bill Pinar) will be officially launched shortly but PLEASE feel free to go and join now as it is totally operational! The interface is possible in MANY languages!

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