Lyubov Laroche
Western Washington University
Bellingham, USA

Lyubov Laroche has taught science and science education in Russia, the United States and Canada. She has produced science educational videos and published poetry in anthologies and magazines. Her dissertation was awarded the Canadian Dissertation of the Year Award in Curriculum Studies by the Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies. Her abridged version is published in Enraptured Contexts, Educational Insights (2002).

Selected works:

Laroche, L. (1999). Not I, not I, but fresh winds blow a new direction of time: youth science video club "Gaia". Mind's Eye, 7, 10.

Laroche, L. (2000a). Teaching science through imagery. Kappa Delta Record, 36(2), 77-79.

Laroche, L. (2000b). Where worlds of children and science meet. Science Council of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Laroche, L. (2001). Back to the future. Holography as a postmodern metaphor for holistic science education. In Brent Hockings, Johnna Haskell& Warren Linds (Eds.), Unfolding Bodymind. Exploring Possibility Through Education. Brandon, Vermont: The Foundation for Educational Renewal, Inc. College. Journal of College Science Teaching, 26(5), 301-302.



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