Jacques Daignault
E-mail: Jacques@levinux.org

Jacques Daignault is a curriculum theorist at the University of Québec at Rimouski: Campus Lévis. (Lévis is across the river from Québec city.) His present interests revolve around the GNU open-source movement as both a philosophical and pedagogical occasion towards eliminating the digital divide, particularly on the international level (several countries in Africa) and within local community-based organizations. His website at Lévinux explains these endeavors as well as the cooperative ACANTIC he has formed to enable him to actualize both these provincial and international efforts. (http://levinux.org) His recent book (H)opéra pour Geneviève witnesses his political, existential and theological preoccupations which take form in a philosophical, pedagogical, novel-like story wherein writing autobiographically in education is portrayed alongside its neglected epistemological, poetical and methodological indispensables. The book is presently being translated and should be available in the fall, 2002. His principal interest remains what Contemporary French Literature and Philosophy bring to education.



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