Gary William Rasberry
The Old School House
Yarker, Ontario

My work, my work ...

I'm always in the process of slowly crafting a life that seems to evolve just quickly enough to (not quite) keep up with my heartvisions as well as my headworkings

The place my work comes from is Home. The Old School House. It's an 130 year old limestone pedagogical palace, the village's 1st school and now our home. I've created a studio space that enables me to make music (a place of practice, rehearsal and some fairly low tech recording), and to write AND to look out the window. Our two children move through this space and stop to make their own music and leave their own creative marks (to strum a guitar that hangs on a stand or draw a picture or rearrange a shelf...)

I have one book in the world, it's titled Writing Research/Researching Writing: Through a Poet's I (Peter Lang). My latest recording, Curving for the Coast, featuring an Australian song-cycle, was released in January 2007.

I teach songwriting and poetry workshops to elementary-aged students for Queen’s University’s Enrichment Studies Program.

Life is good. I am blessed.


(updated 04/07)


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