Gabrielle Minnes Brandes

Department of Curriculum studies
Faculty of Education
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

The focus of Dr. Brandes' work is teaching for social justice, teacher inquiry, teacher education, and investigating school/university partnership, creating and sustaining communities of inquiry, teaching on-line, constructing ePortfolio as a reflective and pedagogical engagement.

Recent publications:

Brandes, M. G & Fels, L. (2006) Re-imagining Curriculum: Researching as Curriculum Making Educational  Insights, 10(1).

Kelly, D. M., & Brandes, G. M. (in press). Equitable Classroom Assessment: Promoting Self-Development and Self-Determination. Interchange, 35 ms.pp.

Erickson, G. L., Brandes, G. M., Mitchell, J. A., & Mitchell, I. J. (2005). Collaborative Teacher Learning: Findings from Two Professional Development Projects. Teaching and Teacher Education, 21(7) 787-798. 

Kelly, D. M., Brandes, G. M. & Orlowski, P. (2004). Teaching for Social Justice: Veteran High School Teachers’ Perspectives. Scholar-Practitioner Quarterly, 2(2) 39-57.

Brandes, G.M., & Kelly, D. M., (2004). Teaching for Social Justice: Teachers Inquire into Their Practice. Educational Insights (Theme issue—Teaching for social justice and teacher inquiry.) 8(3). Editors of the issue,

Kelly, D. M., & Brandes, G. M. (2001). Shifting Out of Neutral: Beginning Teachers’ Struggles with Teaching for Social Justice. Canadian Journal of Education. 26(4) 437-454.

Brandes, G. M., & Kelly, D. M., (2000). Placing Social Justice at the Heart of Teacher Education, Exceptionality Education Canada 10(1&2) pp. 75-94.

Brandes, G. M. & Seixas, P. C., (2000). “...So that the two can mix in this crucible” Teachers in an Interdisciplinary School-University Collaboration in the Humanities. In S. Wineburg & P. Grossman (Eds.), Interdisciplinary curriculum: Challenges to implementation. 153-170. New York: Teachers College Press.

Recent presentations:

Kelly, Deirdre M., Brandes, Gabriella Minnes, & Higginson, Stephanie. (2006, April 8). An anti-oppressive education approach to teaching for social justice. Paper presented as part of Becoming social justice educators: Experiences of pre- and in-service teachers in Canada, New Zealand, and the United States symposium, annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, CA.

Brandes, G. M., & Boskic, N. (2005, October, 21) ePortfolios: Promise and Pitfalls, CIDER (Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research) on-line session as a part of the series Research that Matters, University of Athabasca

Boskic, N., Brandes, G. M, Fleming, K. Verpiot, V. Reflection in practice: E-Portfolios and student learning, Town Hall 2005, Reflection e-Strategy: Are we getting it right? University of British Columbia, June, 2005.

Kelly, D. M., & Brandes, G. M. Social justice and equitable classroom assessment: Mapping the connections. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Montreal. Quebec, April, 2005.

Kelly, D. M., & Brandes, G. M. Connecting social justice to classroom assessment. Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education,. London, ON. May 2005.

Brandes, G. M & Kelly, D. M., Teaching for social justice and assessment: Implications for pre-service and in-service teachers. Symposium: The Challenges of Social Justice and Teacher Education: Multiple Approaches to Teaching and Learning for Change American Educational Research Association, San Diego, May 2004.

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