Cynthia M. Chambers

Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Alberta

Cynthia Chambers teaches curriculum theory, as well as, English Language Art and Indigenous Studies as curriculum subject areas; and interpretive inquiry, particularly autobiography, narrative and life writing as forms of inquiry. Her research and writing interests arise out of her public education and life lived in the Canadian north and in close geographical proximity to, and in complicated familial relations with, aboriginal peoples. As a member of the Literacy Research Centre at the UofL, and its larger project of investigating the new literacies in the Canadian context, Cynthia is currently collecting historical images of métissage among numerous indigenous nations and the Europeans/Anglo-Francophone Canadians. With the exception of her recent overview of curriculum theory in Canada for William Pinar's edited Handbook of International Curriculum Theory, most of her published works are personal essays or life writing on topics that arise out of the métissage that is Canada, both as a place and an idea; Canadian identity and culture; and the difficulties and possibilities that this complicated mix creates for living well together in this place.



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