Celeste Snowber
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C.

Celeste Snowber, is a dancer, educator, and writer who is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University outside Vancouver, B.C. She has focused her work in the area of embodiment, spirituality, and arts-based educational research. She has written numerous essays and poetry in a variety of journals and chapters in books in the areas of the arts, holistic education and curriculum studies as well as is author of Embodied Prayer. Her most recent work has been exploring a poetics of embodiment through her essays, performance, and poetry. Celeste has worked in a variety of venues over the years integrating dance, movement, and writing as a way of freeing the artist within. She is presently finishing a book on sexuality and spirituality, writing poems, and creating site-specific dance performance in creation, raising three lively teenagers.

    Recent Work:

  • Snowber, C.N. (in press). A curriculum of beauty. Teacher Educational Quarterly.

  • Snowber, C.N. & Cancienne, M.B. (in press). Writing rhythm: Movement as method. Qualitative Inquiry (Special issue on Arts Based Educational Research).

  • Snowber, C.N. (Winter 2001). Simplicity, and Humility in Language and Literacy, 3. #1. http://educ.queensu.ca/~landl/.

  • Snowber, C.N. (2002). Bodydance: Fleshing soulful inquiry through improvisation in C. Bagley & M.B. Cancienne (Eds.), Dancing the data. New York: Peter Lang.

  • Snowber, C.N. (2001). Crevice prayers in W. Edwards and D. Linden, (Eds.), Women, Land, Spirit, Anthology. Edmonton, Alberta: Rowan Books.

  • Snowber, C.N. (in press). Embodied wisdom: Body narratives of sensual knowing in S. Abbey (Ed.) Mothers and education: Issues and directions for maternal pedagogy. Toronto, ON: Second Story Press.

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