Dr. Carl Leggo

Dept. of Language and Literacy Education
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC
E-mail: carl.leggo@ubc.ca

Carl Leggo is a poet and professor
who seeks to live poetically,
hoping that others will hear
the poetry in their hearts,
and explore the possibilities
of rhythms in juxtapositions
and prepositions for knowing
the world ecologically and algorithmically.
While he is still sorting out
the difference between enjambment
and being in a jam and partridgeberry jam,
he is steadfastly committed to asking
questions about the value of poetry,
and suggests that instead of asking,
Is this a good poem?, we could ask,
What is this poem good for?
Above all, he is convinced
that the world aches with wanting
poetry without knowing what it wants.

Some recent publications include:

Leggo, C. (2006). Come-By-Chance. St. John’s: Breakwater Books.

Leggo, C. (2006). End of the line: A poet’s postmodern musings on writing. English Teaching: Practice and Critique. 5(2), 69-92. Available at: http://education.waikato.ac.nz/research/journal/view.php?article=true&id=424&p=1.

Leggo, C. (2006). Attending to winter: A poetics of research. In W. Ashton & D. Denton (Eds.), Spirituality, ethnography, and teaching: Stories from within (140-155). New York: Peter Lang.

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Leggo, C. (2005). Pedagogy of the heart: Ruminations on living poetically. The Journal of Educational Thought. 39(2), 175-195.

Leggo, C. (2005). An archipelago of fragments: Writing other gendered lines of connection. Men and Masculinities, 8, 195-207.

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