Critical Imaginaries of Education in a Globalizing Age
Mary K. Bryson, University of British Columbia
Dalene M. Swanson, Universities of British Columbia and Alberta
Cover Art
photo by Sabrina McMillan Solomon
The Many and the Few: Mathematics, Democracy and the Aesthetic
Nathalie Sinclair, Simon Fraser University and David Pimm, University of Alberta
Performing Oneself Differently: A Mathemasthetician’s Responsibility
Steven Khan, University of the West Indies
Using Art in Teaching Philosophy of Mathematics and why it has Nothing and Everything to do with Democracy
Iben Maj Christiansen, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Genu(re)flections: Mathematics, democracy and the arts
Dalene M. Swanson, Universities of British Columbia and Alberta
Against Sense & Representation: Researchers as Undetectives
Peter Appelbaum, Arcadia University
Performance Mathematics And Democracy
Susan Gerofsky, The University of British Columbia
Making mathematics public: Aesthetics as the distribution of the sensible
Elizabeth de Freitas, Adelphi University, New York
On the Primordiality and Poiesis of a Complexified Performance
Darren Stanley and Wayne Tousignant, University of Windsor

Pigs, Stars, Gods and Alain Badiou’s Mathematical Language of Being
Graham Giles, University of British Columbia

Signs of Zero
Patti Pente and Gladys Sterenberg, University of Alberta

The Performance of Self in the Art of Research
Margaret Walshaw, Massey University, New Zealand
 Art Seen
Embodied Performance: Worldmaking (video)
Sally Gradle, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Special Issue Editor: Dalene M. Swanson, Universities of British Columbia and Alberta

Assistant Editor: Graham Giles, University of British Columbia

Academic Editor: Lynn Fels, Simon Fraser University

Managing Editor: Michael Boyce

Animation designed by Marshall Fels Elliott

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