Art Seen

Embodied Performance: Worldmaking
curated by Barbara Bickel

Sally Gradle
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL


About the Artist

Sally Armstrong Gradle is an art educator, researcher, and artist. She is the Art Education Program Coordinator in the School of Art and Design at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Gradle teaches art education courses within a program emphasis that examines and extends the context of art-making into community settings. She graduated from the University of Illinois (UIUC) in 2004 with a focus on spiritual practices in art-making.  She completed her MA at the University of New Mexico (UNM) in 1979 and has been a classroom teacher or an art teacher in the schools in the decades between her degrees. Gradle’s area of research includes place-based, sustainable art education and the integration of contemplative practices in teaching, learning, and research. Her articles, and particularly her chapter in the International Handbook of the Arts in Education on ‘Spiritual Ecology’ (2007), offer a look at the expansion of art education into stronger ecological, contemplative and visionary practices.


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