Educating Educators
Mary Bryson, Director, Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education, University of British Columbia
Cover Art
Photo by Lorna Ramsay and Alden Cameron Hodson

On Staying Too Close to Home: Editorial Notes on the Theme “Educating Educators”
Anne M. Phelan, University of British Columbia

Principal Arts
Jane Baskwill, Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia
A script for three voices: “Undone business” in the academy
Shauna Butterwick, University of British Columbia
Jane Dawson, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia
Jane Munro, Sooke, British Columbia
Living and learning in a community of inquiry: Coming to know knowing in a self-directed doctoral seminar
Diana Nicholson, Leyton Schnellert, Betty Rideout, Karen Meyer and Brent Cameron, Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education, University of British Columbia
Sensual Wisdom: Pedagogy and the Embodied Self
Alison Pryer, Vancouver, British Columbia
Hearing the Loneliness: The Intuitive Gifted Student Musician in a Sensing System
Lorna Ramsay, Simon Fraser University
looking through windows… a reflection on doctoral studies (video)
Anita Sinner, University of British Columbia
Contextual Fabric: Dialogue, Silence, and Gesture in Making Local Meaning of Educational Reform
Valerie Triggs, University of British Columbia
Deep Water
Pamela Chua, University of British Columbia
Q. What’s funny about teaching? A. Not enough! Arguing for a comic pedagogy
Elaine Decker, University College of the Fraser Valley
Here and Now: Lost in Translation (video 6min17s)
Juyun Kim, University of British Columbia
Schalay’nung Sxwey’ga Emerging cross-cultural pedagogy in the academy
Lorna Williams and Michele Tanaka, University of Victoria, British Columbia
The Model Seminar: Teaching Critical Thinking in a Large Introductory Sociology Class
Douglas Sadao Aoki and Mark Jackson, University of Alberta
Dao and Zen of Teaching: Classroom as Enlightenment Field
Avraham Cohen, University of British Columbia and Heesoon Bai, Simon Fraser University
Turning the Professional Development of Cooperating Teachers On Its Head: Relocating that Responsibility Within the Profession
Anthony Clarke, University of British Columbia
A Question of Judgment: A Response to Standards for the Education, Competence and Professional Conduct of Educators in British Columbia
David Coulter, Centre for the Study of Teacher Education, UBC
Dianne Coulter, Vice-principal, Richmond Secondary School
Mary Daniel, Principal, Kitsilano Secondary School
Elaine Decker, Associate Dean, Academic Studies, BCIT
Pamela Essex, Principal, James McKinney Elementary School
Jo-Anne Naslund, Education Librarian, UBC
Charlie Naylor, Researcher, BC Teachers' Federation
Anne Phelan, Centre for the Study of Teacher Education, UBC
Jenny Arntzen, University of British Columbia
 Reader's Response
Complicity: An international journal of complexity and education—Reader’s Response
Wendy Nielsen, University of British Columbia

Special Issue Editor: Anne M. Phelan

Academic Editor: Lynn Fels

Animation designed by Marshall Fels Elliott

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