Notes from the Field—Investigating Our Practices
Welcoming the moment of the stop
Christine Schaufert, Co-ordinating Issue Editor, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Lynn Fels, Co-ordinating Editor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
Cover Art
Photo by Christine Schaufert

Investigating Our Practices—In-forming Practice Through Action Research
Linda Peterat and Gale Smith, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia

A Classroom Closer To The Heart—Teaching Virtues Through Literature Can Transform the Classroom Community
Dave Allan, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Investigating your Practice? Be Prepared for a Shock
Tara Brandes, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Using Metacogs to Collaborate With Students to Improve Teaching and Learning in Physics
Jeff Campbell, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Solid, Liquid, Vapour—An Action Research Journey
Grace Jones, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Seeking Companionship in the Playful Making: Reclaiming Pedagogy
Christine Schaufert, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Striking Up Conversations vs. Striking Out With Parents
Laura Woodruff, Chilliwack, British Columbia
How Are You Living Hope? Thoughts of Kazakh Youth with Jacyntha England
Jacyntha England, Kazakhstan
How Are You Living Hope?
Zoe Landale, Vancouver

Special Issue Editors: Linda Peterat and Gale Smith

Academic Editor: Lynn Fels

Animation designed by Ian Carty and Brad Fournier, Mission, BC
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