Notes from the Field—Reimagining Curriculum
Graeme Chalmers, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
Remembering Karen
Luanne Armstrong, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
Cover Art
Elementary student, Sir James Douglas Elementary School, Vancouver, BC

Re-imagining Curriculum: Researching as Curriculum Making
Gaby Minnes Brandes and Lynn Fels, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

 Gate One – First Nations
Blurring the Literascape- A study of First Nations Parent and Teacher Voice in Family Literacy Curriculum Design
Christine Chambers, Vancouver, British Columbia
First Nations Learners and Extracurricular Activities: Barriers and Bridges to Participation
Charity Bonneau, Brian Ee and Jason Lauzon, Vancouver, British Columbia
 Gate Two – ESL and Literacy
He swings on buildings–that's why he is my role model
Mary Chow Bonneville, Karen Kozar, Catherine Hussey and Kim Patrick, Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia
Are You Dreaming in English Yet? Improving the Writing Skills of ESL Students
Cathy Romans, Sacha Schick and Shelley Steer, Vancouver, British Columbia
Stepping in and Becoming Books
Dawn Sadler and Mary Smith, Vancouver, British Columbia
 Gate Three – Learning, Independence and Play
"Yes," we said. "The hundred is there!"
Valdine Ciwko, Deanne Lawder and Gary Thompson, Vancouver, British Columbia
Creating Room for a Childís Presence: Finding the Middle Ground
(alias) The Utilization of Independent Study Skills for Nine to Twelve Year Olds - An Exploratory Study of Intrinsic Motivation For Learning

David Lafond and Mary Anne Purdy, Vancouver, British Columbia
The Value of Serious Play
Russell Lathigee, Vancouver, British Columbia
Exploratory Play/Time: An investigation within three elementary classrooms
Jennifer Billingsley, Bridget Browning, Kristina Wilting, Vancouver, British Columbia
The Studentsí Playground and My Journey of Self-Discovery
Karen Nesmith, Vancouver, British Columbia

Special Issue Editor: Luanne Armstrong

Co-Ordinating Editor: Lynn Fels

Children's Art by students of Sir James Douglas Elementary School,
Vancouver, BC

Flash Animation designed by Marshall Fels Elliott

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