Notes from the Field—Social Justice
 Con/textual Explorations: Notes from the Field

Family is someone to tuck you into bed: Teaching a unit on family diversity
Ursula Beale, Vancouver, BC

Three Way Conferences – Students, Parents and Teachers Working Together
Susan Croll, Vancouver, BC
Effective Instruction for Creating a Community: A Brief Study of Contributing Factors in Group Work
Helen Hait, Vancouver, BC
Co-operative Learning: For (4) Teachers Working Towards Social Justice
Darrin Clarke, Sibli Gill, Miranda Hounsell, and Bill Urquhart, Vancouver, BC
Teacher Adaptations to an Open Area Teaching and Learning Environment
M. Costa, Vancouver, BC
A Dot on the Horizon: A Study of First Nations Families and Education
Shanda Stirk, Vancouver, BC
Male Elementary Teachers: Where are They?
Jason Eng, Vancouver, BC
We are All Related: Understanding Friendship and Meaning
Don Teeuwsen, Vancouver, BC
How can Teachers Support Gender Equity in Their Classrooms?
Susan Pinsonneault and Kara Malhi, Vancouver, BC
Free-Run Children
Scott McIsaac, Vancouver, BC

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Theme Editors: Gabriella Minnes Brandes and Deirdre M. Kelly
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Special Thanks to Karen Hawkins,
Co-Ordinating Editor of "Notes from the Field"

Co-Ordinating Editor: Lynn Fels

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