Celebrating Dr. Ted Aoki

Dr. Ted T. Aoki Speaks
Ted Aoki, Rita Irwin, Bill Pinar, Doug Aoki, Karen Hawkins, Sean Wiebe


Inspirations: Responding Notes
Jiryung Ahn, Gayle Chin, Kent den Heyer, Susan Hass, Sohaila Javed, Carl Leggo, Jennifer Khamasi, Marylin Low, Alison Pryer, Jeanette Scott, Yan Guo


Music for Ted: The Travelling
Lyrics: gary rasberry Music: james campbell, gw rasberry, rob unger

 Con/textual Explorations
Sounding Curriculum Voices
Leah Fowler, University of Lethbridge, Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Queen’s University and Wendy Donawa, University of Victoria
Provoking signs: Un/canny moments as curriculum theorizing
Anne Bruce, Franc Feng, Sumiko Nishizawaumiko, Pat Palulis, Bruce David Russel and Craig Worthing
Dis(E)rupting Syntax: Curriculum as (Dis)Composure
Cynthia Chambers, Alexandra Fidyk, Erika Hasebe-Ludt, Wanda Hurren, Carl Leggo, Janice Rahn
Performing the Possibilities and Problematics of Developing a Curriculum for Cultural Diversity
Terry Carson, Ingrid Johnston, George Richardson, Jyoti Mangat and Jennifer Tupper, University of British Columbia
Lynn Wiltse, University College of the Caribou, Joyce Mgombelo, Memorial University
Mother tongues, second languages and languages “in-between”: On multicultural landscapes and curriculum
Sara Promislow, OISE/University of Toronto
Teacher Education Provoking Curriculum: Curriculum Provoking Teacher Education
Darren E. Lund, E. Lisa Panayotidis, Anne M. Phelan, Jo Towers, Hans Smits, University of Calgary

A Genealogical Tree of Contemporary Conceptions of Teaching
Brent Davis, Dennis Sumara, Mildred Dacog, Khadeeja Ibrahim-Didi, Mijung Kim, Joyce Mgombelo, Helena Miranda, Elizabeth Mowat, Immaculate Namukasa, Susan Walsh, Martha Zacharias, University of Alberta

 Poetic Pause

The Lost Language of Cranes
Rishma Dunlop, York University
Art by Suzanne Northcott, Fort Langley, British Columbia


Monarch Days
Karen Hawkins, University of British Columbia

 Inviting Texts: Readers' Response

Flash Animation designed by Cindy Young

Guest Editor: Sean Wiebe

Co-Ordinating Editor: Lynn Fels

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