Poetic Pause

Copper Moon: A Poem for Matthew Shepard
Rishma Dunlop, York University


How Can Thirteen Year Old Boys Write Love Poems?
Sean Wiebe, University of British Columbia

 Con/textual Explorations

The Stop: The Practice of Reanimating the Universe Within and Without
Heesoon Bai, Simon Fraser University

Wondertree SelfDesign Learning Through the Heart
Brent Cameron, University of British Columbia
The way of the Flower: Meditations on a Soft-Hearted Pedagogy
Alison Pryer, University of British Columbia
Daring to Dance our Life
Monique Giard, University of British Columbia
Celeste Snowber, Simon Fraser University
 Heartful Praxis
Spinning the Globe: How Children Touch the World
Shelley Jones, University of British Columbia
Footsteps Around the World
Jiryung Ahn, Korea – Sheena Koops, Saskatchewan – Martha Colorado, Colombia – Dianne le Chasseur, Haiti – Gay Grannary, Kuwait – Emma Kishindo, Malawi – Jodi Derkson, Vancouver
 Musical Interlude
 Inviting Texts: Readers' Response

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Guest Editor for Pedagogy of the Heart issue: Ursula Velonis

Co-Ordinating Editor: Lynn Fels

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