Con/textual Explorations

Listening to the Rhythm of Ancestors’ footsteps I find my way to the future
Sheema Saeed, University of British Columbia

Cynthia Chambers, Dwayne Donald, Erika Hasebe-Ludt, University of Lethbridge
Side by Side: Being in Research Autobiographically
Teresa Wilson and Antoinette Oberg, Faculty of Education, University of Victoria
Autobiography in/as Re-search and Pedagogy:
Writing, Reading and Considering Women’s Lives

Renee Norman with Danielle Arsenault, Renee Cohen, Veronica Gaylie, Hartej Gill,
Paige Hansen Davis, Liisa House, Sylvia Wilson, University of British Columbia
Who will be the throat of these hours…if not I, if not you?
Rishma Dunlop, York University
She Tries Her Tongue: A Blueprint for Women’s Collaborative Writing
The 2 am Collective
Art of Writing Inquiry
gw rasberry, The Old School House, Yarker, Ontario
Stories by Water
Luanne Armstrong, University of British Columbia
Children's Research Ideas
a slide presentation by children of British Columbia
 Inviting Texts: Readers' Response

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