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F I C T I O N  and  O E T R Y



Cover Letter —fiction

Cam Lavender
Saint Charlie—novel excerpt
Kellee Ngan
My Motherís Ghost—fiction Ria Voros
Girlsí Wrestling Team—poetry Jamella Hagan
Driving Daytona—poetry  
Confessions of Jewish/Catholic Princess—non-fiction Marlisse Silver Sweeney
A Body Tale—fiction Jenny Fjellgaard
Kerri—non-fiction Mary Leighton
Last Kiss in Kensington Market—poetry Marie-Helene Westgate
Screen Door—fiction Lia Granger
And Apparently, Cigarettes—fiction John Mavin
Dilton Doiley—poetry Catharine Chen
Itís OK to Be Obsessed with Your Hair—poetry  
Jughead Jones—poetry  
Gotta Have My Man—stageplay excerpt Kari-Lynn Winters

Illustration Credits

Aidan Cassie—Screen Door

Deborah Morriss—Kerri

Kathryn E. Shoemaker—Cover Letter & It’s OK to Be Obsessed with Your Hair

Tami Thirlwell—My Mother’s Ghost & Gotta Have My Man


Editorial Team—Caleb Das , Jess Hodgins , Sarah Maitland, Kaleigh Wisman

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Faculty Advisors—Alison Acheson, Michelle Winegar

Cover—Jess L. Heart

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