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V.6 N.1, November 2000

Editor's note: This issue brings forth an excellent set of articles and a poem that together question educational theories, norms, policies, and practices. I invite you to read the articles not only to learn the insights they each provide, but also to respond to them by offering your insights on the issues addressed. We will consider publishing the reader responses, along with the journal's other features, in the next issue.

Table of Contents

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Editor, Educational Insights
Centre for the Study of Curriculum and Instruction,
Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z4

Editorial Board

Jim Hu
Henry Kang
Karen Meyer
Jane Mitchell
Walt Warner
John Willinsky

Readers for this issue

Marla Arvay
Marcia Braundy
Mary Bryson
Shauna Butterwick
Marilyn Chapman
Marion Crook
Franc Feng
Johnna Haskell
Marilyn Hoar
Anna Kindler
Carl Leggo
Cheng Li
Warren Linds
Miriam Orkar
Stephen Petrina
Susan Pirie
Wendy Poole
Marion Porath
Ellen Retelle
Bruce Russell
Sheema Saeed
Peter Seixas

Posted November 2000
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