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V.5 N.1, August 1999

Editor's note: After remaining dormant for two years, Educational Insights comes back, refreshed and strong, with this issue carrying five original and thought-provoking articles and one insightful book review. If more contributions are submitted and accepted in the future, the journal may consider publishing more than once a year. So a maximal number of quality contributions from the international community are welcome.

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Book Review

  • Eric Jensen (1998). Teaching with the Brain in Mind. Alexandria, Virginia: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.
    Reviewed by Karen Goodnough

In this issue, Goodnough provides insights and new readings to Eric Jensen's 1998 treatise, Teaching with the Brain in Mind. According to Goodnough, "... the book interweaves theory and practice, resulting in a very informative account that serves as an ideal starting point for teachers and other educators who want to learn more about how the brain works and the potential implications of this knowledge for teaching and learning." To Goodnough, "... reading this book will provide the “know-how” for fostering active learning that recognizes the uniqueness of each learner’s brain".

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Jean-Pierre Flament
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Readers for this issue

Marlene Atleo
Shauna Butterwick
Sharilyn Calliou
Stephen Carey
Jerrold Coombs
Pamela Courtenay-Hall
Franc Feng
Michal Fedeles
Yan Guo
Todd Horton
Rita Irwin
Shula Klinger
Carl Leggo
Warren Linds
Jolie Mayer-Smith
Kara Mcdonald
Cynthia Nicol
Bonny Norton
Miriam Orkar
Linda Peterat
David Puddiford
Peter Raabe
Tom Sork
Susanne Sunell
Lynn Thomas

Posted August 1999
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